Bald-faced News: 12/10/16

This is a new series I’ll be doing where I’ll post what I’ve been playing and watching the preceding week and talk about it; as well as any entertainment news I don’t feel is big enough for its own post. This is mainly to keep me on some semblance of a schedule for this site. I’ll be posting one of these each weekend, on either Fridays or Saturdays, maybe Sundays if I’m extremely busy.

What was Played

I bought Crypt of the Necrodancer and have been enjoying the soundtrack immensely, but finding that the gameplay loop reminds me why I don’t play many roguelikes. The hook is that you have to move and attack to the beat of the music, making enemy movement patterns their attacks. It’s a fun and innovative mix of two genres, but unless you thoroughly enjoy roguelikes I’d recommend buying it on sale like I did.  Mainly I’ve been diving into Fallout 4’s DLC. I never totally finished Fallout 4’s main quest because I couldn’t be bothered. With the launch of (severely handicapped) mods on PS4 I decided to get the season pass and jump in again. I find it interesting that most of the mods I’m using negate large parts of FO4’s gameplay that were a large part of its “innovation”. I have mods that give me unlimited resources for settlement building and all crafting, two of the main gameplay changes FO4 introduced. And the fact that I’m having so much more fun than I had with vanilla FO4 speaks volumes to what I found wrong with FO4. Too much emphasis on the settlement building and crafting, which was supposed to give a use to the junk you find around the Commonwealth, but still insisting on using the encumbrance carry weight model combined with poor stealth options leads to a tank-type build being the most productive and I don’t enjoy that style of gameplay. Also the world building and writing is easily worse than all the other mainline Fallouts and New Vegas, except for the ending of 3, screw that. And visually Boston just isn’t that different from the Capitol Wasteland. The DLCs’ settings only make the Commonwealth look more bland than it already was. Each DLC focuses on a landmass with three main factions on each. The interactions and struggles between them are more interesting that the cartoonish conflicts of the Brotherhood of Steel, Institute, and Railroad. Although Far Harbor stands above the other DLC in that realm. I’ve finished the main quests in Far Harbor and have moved onto Nuka-World, and I can already tell Nuka-World won’t match up to Far Harbor.

What was Watched

Westworld finished up, and if you haven’t gotten in yet, now is the time. The only damper on my enjoyment of this stellar series is the knowledge that they’ve got a five year plan for it. While I appreciate forethought in a series, having the next five years planned worries me that expectations for this series are sky high at HBO, and that if it doesn’t meet those profit expectations the series will lose its budget or even be cut before its time. I finished the Danganronpa 3 anime, and will have more to say on it later. Suffice it to say that I was disappointed. Jojo Part 4’s anime continues to be sublime. If you enjoy shōnen anime but are tired of power level battles and want outlandish drama and character designs, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure has all that and more in spades.

News (that I care about)

PSX and The Game Advertisements Awards were technically last week but as this is the first installment of this series I’ll bend the rules a little. Also, due to the volume of announcements from  PSX and The Game Awards, this will be a lengthier post than I anticipate happening in the average week.

Akuma Announced for SFV, 5 Newcomers in 2017, and Christmas Themed Content

Akuma was officially revealed at PSX/Capcom Cup, full details on his gameplay here. Christmas content, including a stage re-dress and costumes will be available on December 20th along with Akuma himself and Ryu’s and Chun-li’s new Red Bull costumes.  Capcom announced that the five remaining 2017 DLC characters for SFV will be “brand new to the universe.”

Whether this comment means they’ll be new in story or gameplay context remains to be seen, but I’m excited regardless. Technically this could mean Q from Third Strike or even Akira from Rival Schools, both characters I’d be giddy at seeing included. I’m just glad Capcom is bringing “new” characters to Street Fighter instead of just moving old characters into SFV, not that there aren’t old characters I’d be stoked to see return.

Just try and convince me Akira doesn’t look like she’d fit in SFV.

Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite

Speaking of Capcom fighting games, Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite was officially announced. Now the MvC games are fun to play, but while I find the insanity entertaining to watch I’ve never felt compelled to “git gud” at them. From what little we’ve seen this game looks like it’ll be a little slower, especially since it is now 2v2 instead of 3v3. The Infinity Gems are also known to be involved in gameplay and we have vague descriptions of their attributes, but we don’t know any nitty-gritty specifics about their gameplay effects.

As of writing, the officially confirmed characters are Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Captain America, Ryu, Mega Man X, and Morrigan. Between SFV and MvC:I I look forward to leaks and speculation on new fighting game characters. Also Ultimate MvC3 is now on PS4 and is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2017 with all the DLC except for Magneto’s alternate costume.

The Last of Us Part II Revealed

The Last of Us Part II was revealed at PSX, and aside from a cinematic trailer and confirmation that Ellie will be the player controlled character we have little to go on.

I’m skeptical if TLoU Part II can be as good as Part I, but Naughty Dog still has some darn fine writers at their disposal so I’ll keep an open mind. Naughty Dog has said the theme of the game is “hate”, so expect this game to go to dark places.

Windjammers Coming to PS4 and Vita, Quality and Release Date not yet Known

Windjammers, the high-level Pong, is getting ported to PS4 and Vita with online play including a ranking system similar to most other competitive games.

If you’re unsure of what Windjammers is or why you should care, Giant Bomb played it while GTA Online wouldn’t work, and here’s some gameplay with no voice over. The one major caveat about this otherwise awesome news is that the porting is being done by DotEmu, who have a shady track record of porting NeoGeo games. But if this port is decent and a healthy online community leads to more prominent tournament play, Windjammers could join the list of eSports I give a rip about.

Danganronpa V3 Summoned to the West

It wasn’t really something I was ever worried about, but we have official confirmation that Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony will be released in the West.

I have complicated feelings for the Danganronpa series, although I do like the two main games overall. Hopefully this one can end the series’s trend of disappointing endings.

Nier: Automata Releasing March 7, 2017

We got a release date for Nier: Automata, March 7, 2017.

I know that isn’t the release date trailer, but it’s the best Automata trailer. If Automata can capitalize on Platinum Games’s strengths and Yoko Tarro’s strengths, this has the potential to be one of the best games ever made.

Death Stranding Trailer #2

From The Game Awards we have a new Death Stranding trailer featuring Guillermo Del Toro, Mads Mikkelsen, and a jar-baby.

I’ve never been the biggest Metal Gear fan, but the idea of Kojima being unleashed carries potential for so much bizarre, pretentious, and Kojima styled storytelling that I can’t help but be interested.

Breath of the Wild New Trailer

At The Game Awards Nintendo gave us a new Breath of the Wild trailer.

Nothing much to say here, except that this trailer looks fantastic and it seems to imply that some sort of female playable character may exist. If that is the case, that’d be fantastic.

Prey Gameplay

Arkane Studios showed off some Prey gameplay and I am baffled and intrigued.

Sci-fi, maybe horror, shooter in space with Bio/System Shock vibes has gotten this game squarely on my radar. I doubt Arkane can match the overall writing of the Shock series, but if the atmosphere is as good as Dishonored 2’s was, this’ll be one heck of a time sink for me. All I need to know right now is that you can turn into a coffee cup.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay

The final thing from the TGAs I was interested in was the full gameplay reveal of Mass Effect Andromeda. Creative Mac Walters did a Q&A on GameInformer for more details.

Mass Effect is one of my favorite IPs from last gen, and the move to a new galaxy holds so much potential for the series. This trailer give us a look at the new combat system, two new companions, and poorly directed cutscenes with trademark Bioware awkward animation. The combat looks far more fluid than it has in any Mass Effect game, and even if the quests and world design are as bland and tedious as Dragon Age Inquisition the combat not being a mess will keep them from feeling as tedious. Hopefully Bioware is keeping the new stuff under wraps for us to discover in-game, but the absence of even one squadmate of a new species is worrying me. They have revealed the Kett, but I’m worried they’ll just be your cannon fodder, basic evil enemies like the Collectors in ME2. The two companions shown were a male krogan named Drack and a female turian called Vetra. Andromeda needs to be willing to shake up the Bioware formula in some way, a plot threat that isn’t about some galaxy ending ancient evil, companions that are more interesting than most of the post ME3 ones have been, and/or more interesting lore would all go a long way to giving the series the new “oomph” it needs after ME3.

Indivisible and Trigger

Indivisible, the RPG from the creators of Skullgirls, announced that anime studio Trigger will be providing the animated opening for the game. This news only serves to cement the fact that Lab Zero knows what they’re doing by getting one of the best animation studios around to work with them.

Amazon Pushes Forward with Amazing new Tech to Limit Human Interaction

In terrifying, dystopian news that has me frothing with demand, Amazon Go.

Uppers in the West

In news I’d never thought would happen, Uppers is coming to the West! I couldn’t find any quality footage of it, so here’s some YouTubers I like playing it. All you need to know is that you can complete challenges while fighting to get girls’ numbers. Forget that Persona social link BS, this is how real relationships work. Thank you, Japan.

Nintendo Switch and Super Mario Run on Jimmy Fallon

Reggie Fils-Aimé stopped by The Tonight Show to give an in-person look at the Nintendo Switch. Aa far as I’m aware this is the first footage from a Switch we’ve seen not in a commercial. The most important thing I noticed was that they never touch the screen, which reinforces the idea the the Switch tablet may not have touchscreen capability. Oh an Super Mario Run looks cool, forced online sucks, but premade, non-random levels is nice.

Persona 5 News

Persona 5 is still not available in North America.


Future Work

I am working on two new pieces, with the first one being on the Danganronpa series. It’ll be on Danganronpa 1, Super Danganronpa 2, Another Episode/Ultra Despair Girls, and the latest anime, Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope’s Peak High School. The other “piece” is my Game of the Year list(s), I’ve drawn up a list of categories with nominees, but I have some games that I need to play before actually making decisions between the nominees, including Final Fantasy XV and The Last Guardian among others. That’ll be out in mid to late January at the earliest or early February if I become extremely busy.

What’s on the Plate

As far as what I plan to consume this upcoming week, hopefully I can get into Steins;Gate the visual novel. I’ve had it since it released in North America and just haven’t had the time to get into it. I’ll continue in the Fallout 4 modded adventures, and I plan on either starting Black Mirror or an anime, because I hate myself. As always, thanks for reading and have a great week.

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