Bald-faced News: 1/15/17 Living in a Post-Switch World

We’re living the the fresh new Splatoon 2 world! I wasn’t able to play or really watch anything new this week due to school starting back up, but thankfully there’s game news.

Nintendo Switches it up, Sony downsizes, and Red Ash won’t die.


Guerrilla Cambridge Shut Down

Sony has shut down Guerrilla Cambridge, most well known for their work on the PSP Killzone game. In the press release Sony said they are making “changes to the European studios structure.” My heart goes out to any Guerrilla employees now out of a job and I hope you find employment soon. Sony has said that no other studios are to be closed at this time, but “making changes” is a very vague statement.

Platinum Games’s Scalebound Cancelled

I covered the initial story already, but since then Platinum has put out a statement of their own. Platinum expresses regret at the cancellation and mentions that they are still making several games, including NieR: Automata.

Kojima Keeping Konami Talent Employed

It appears Kojima is trying to bring over as many former Metal Gear devs from Konami to Kojima Productions as possible. He’s already brought over Yoji Shinkawa, the art designer, his personal assistant Ayako Terashima, the former president of Konami Europe and many others. This bodes well for Death Stranding since Kojima will now have staff he is familiar with and vice versa.

Mass Effect Andromeda will have No Season Pass

Confirmed by Bioware GM Aaryn Flynn. Odds are there will be paid single player DLC and free multiplayer updates like Mass Effect 3. You will almost definitely be able to buy the single player DLCs together in sales and the like, and free MP updates are always a good thing. I won’t complain about no season pass on a AAA release, especially from an EA published game.

Red Ash Refuses to Go Away

Seeing how Red Ash failed to gain traction in 2015 and Mighty No. 9‘s reception was mediocre I thought all related properties were laying low or had been canned. Turns out the Red Ash anime is still on, albeit in a different form. It is now an OVA according to production studio 4C. The OVA is named Red Ash -Gearworld-.


Extra Switch News

I cobbled together my report and thoughts on the Switch presentation, but there’s been a steady stream of extra tidbits of news ever since it aired.

The Switch pro controller has motion control/gyro support.

Fast Racing Remix, the sequel to Fast Racing NEO announced for the Switch. 1080p 60 fps.

No Streetpass or Miiverse on the Switch.

Fire Emblem Warriors Direct has been announced for January 18th.

Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers exclusive to Switch, for now. Selectable versions of SF2, Evil Ryu and Violent Ken added as characters.

The Switch console does not come with any games packed in; no 1 2 Switch or ARMS included with a console purchase.

The Switch’s touchscreen uses the haptic technology TouchSense. Between this and HD rumble Nintendo seems to be going all in on making their control gimmicks feel great. Not quite sure how developers will use this haptic feedback, but it’ll be interesting to see if all these updates are used by devs or left by the wayside.

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The more I think about it the more I’m getting excited for Splatoon 2.

And there are numerous impressions and rumors flying around too, namely that that rumored Switch Smash Bros. port is still coming, just not right away.

What’s on the Plate

My Sword Art Online piece is complete and will be up later today. I’m playing through The Last Guardian and FF XV in between making my GOTY post. I’ll have more to talk about next week, this week was mostly dominated by Switch news and getting back into school. As always, thanks for reading.


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