Bald-faced News 4/23/17: At this point I’m just looking for an excuse to post Persona 5 art

School weighs heavy on me, but I have jRPGs to lighten the load. This week Call of Duty totally doesn’t hit the “panic/steal ideas from Battlefield” button, Bayonetta promises us ecstasy (Vanquish on PC), and soon we’ll be able to beat up Square Enix’s CEO.

What was Played

I’m in the home stretch of Persona 5. I still love the game, but the rumors were right: the ending is a bit of a slog. I just want to hang out with the characters but I have to keep dungeon diving because the overarching plot demands it.

This week a little game called Cosmic Star Heroine came out. I’m less than an hour into it, but it feels like Chrono Trigger/Final Fantasy VI mixed with Phantasy Star with a dash of Ghost in the Shell (the good stuff). If you’re into old-school RPGs, specifically SNES ones, definitely give this one a look. It’s $14.99 and is currently on PS4, PC, Mac, and will be coming to the Vita.



SNES Classic Edition is Coming

After the completely necessary discontinuation of the NES Classic, Eurogamer is reporting that Nintendo has an SNES Classic ready to release this holiday season. There’s no confirmation of price or what games will be on this console, but it stands to reason that the SNES Classic will have 30 or more games and cost $60 USD. The SNES has one of the best video game libraries of any console, so it will be interesting to see which games get chosen. Of course there’s fact that this is going to be harder to find than even the NES Classic since everyone will be on high alert for it now, and our previous experience with the NES Classic will only stoke the scalper’s fervor. If the SNES Classic is meant as the same kind of short-lived collector’s item the NES Classic was, people will just have to turn to alternative methods of playing some of the greatest games of all time.

Call of Duty WWII

After living in the future, the Call of Duty franchise is pulling a Battlefield and heading back to the past. The next Call of Duty game, which will be developed by Sledgehammer, is set back in World War II. This honestly feels like a panic move on CoD’s part. the CoD games have not been selling as well as they used to, and it’s hard to ignore how popular Battlefield 1’s initial promise was and how much the setting change contributed to that hype. Of course, Call of Duty WWII could be fantastic, but this doesn’t seem like the the breath of fresh air that BF1 was, it feels like a return to the old, dried up well. We’ll get to see this “new” vision on April 26, at the gameplay reveal livestream. Some low-res screenshots have leaked, images below courtesy of

ESports at the Olympics

ESports may be headed to the Olympics. The Olympic Council of Asia has announced that it plans to introduce eSports into the 2022 Asia Games. The fact that eSports are at the Olympics isn’t necessarily shocking, but that fact it has happened so soon is jarring. There isn’t any news as to which games will be played, but we can safely guess that MOBAs will dominate followed by competitive FPSs like CounterStrike and Overwatch.

Persona 5 Related Sites Registered by Atlus

Remember all those “quality” Persona 4 spin-offs? Well we may be getting those for Persona 5. Atlus recently registered domains for (Persona 5 Dancing/Diamond?), (Persona 5 After Golden?), (Persona 5 Racing/Ruby?), and (Persona 5 Ultimax?). The Persona 4 fighting games were excellent fighting games, but none of the spin-offs substantially built on Persona 4. I’m all down for a portable Switch and/or Vita port, and a Persona racing game would be something to see, but spin-offs like Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth and the story of Dancing All Night added nothing to the characters or story and were poor games overall. The Dancing All Night soundtrack was amazing, though.

Bayonetta gets a Steamy Release

Turns out that Bayo countdown was actually worth it! Bayonetta 1 is now out on PC with 4K support, dev diary, dual-audio, and a $19.99 price tag. If you are a fan of action/combat games, specifically Devil May Cry, you need this game.


As if this wasn’t enough, Platinum has said that they want to port all their games to PC, but it depends on the publisher. Vanquish was also published by SEGA, like Bayonetta was, so we may get a Vanquish PC port in the future. Vanquish just needs to be on current gen systems.

NieR: Automata Continues its campaign to win every GOTY Award

NieR: Automata’s DLC will be coming to the west, but we don’t know when. The DLC will release May 2 in Japan, and contains costumes from the original NieR, an arena area, and a very special boss fight…


VA-11 HALL-A Update

VA-11 HALL-A still isn’t out on the Vita, but Wolfgame, the studio porting the game, says they will have news coming soon.

What’s on the Plate

I’m going to keep playing Persona 5, I’m looking forward to New Game+ once I beat my initial playthrough. Once I finish off my first P5 runthrough, I’ll also be able to give Cosmic Star Heroine more time. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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