Bald-faced News 4/29/17: Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting

In this post, I try to find as many phrases for “gathering and summarizing a bunch of information” as possible. We’ve got news from the western front, Capcom fighting game news, and Nintendo loses a pillar.

What was Played

I’m continuing P5, and I can reconfirm that the ending stretch of this game is a bonafide slog. It’s a shame because this slog is an ugly mark on an otherwise near-perfect game.

I also dipped back into Mass Effect Andromeda to see if the 1.05 patch did anything substantial.

It doesn’t.

It fixes some of the most memed glitches and performance issues, but I still had a situation where Vetra was standing over her own corpse. You still get an insanely low framerate after accessing the R&D menus, and the writing is even more unbearable now that I know none of it pays off. So much of Andromeda‘s plot is littered with “you’ll have to make these choices and deal with them” hints, but after revisiting the setup you realize that there is now payoff. When you first reach the Nexus you’re told you’ll have to throw your lot in with one of the directors, but that never comes back. You don’t ever really make a choice and it never comes up later. Andromeda remains the biggest gaming disappointments of 2017 so far.


Call of Duty WWII News Drop


We got a first look at CoD WWII along with some details.

  • No health regen is in the game, it’s unknown if this is for single-player, multi-player, or both
  • Release date is November 3, 2017
  • Developed by Sledgehammer Games, who made Advanced Warfare
  • Two versions: $60 standard and $100 deluxe that comes with some goodies and the season pass
  • Solely focused on the European theater of the war, African-American, female soldiers, and child characters are in the campaign
  • Zombie mode is in
  • Separate co-op campaign
  • No future-style movement; no wall-running or double jumps

This sounds like a real attempt to return to the series’s original gameplay. I’m very interested in the idea that health regen might be out of multiplayer since that would fundamentally change the way those games play. I can’t say I’m personally interested in playing this game, but it’ll be fascinating to watch the different parts of the CoD fanbase react to these changes.

SFV DLC & Rumor Round-up

Street Fighter V has a new character, costumes, and a stage coming out.

First up is the leak that Ed, the hoodie kid that was hanging out with Balrog, is probably the next DLC character. This leak came from a preemptively updated PSN Store webpage that has since been taken down.


Next is the Capcom Pro Tour 2017 DLC. This time Ryu and Ken are getting fancy costumes.


If you get the complete package with the 2 costumes and an as yet unrevealed stage, you’ll also get the unique colors for the entire cast. The complete package is $24.99, with the individual Ken/Ryu costumes being $5.99 each and the stage coming in at $9.99. Finally there will also be a Capcom Pro Tour Champion’s Choice costume that won/t be shown until there is an actual CPT Champion. As for how this money goes to the CPT directly, 30% of the revenue goes to the prize pool with an additional 50% going into the production costs of the CPT. That adds up to 80% of your purchase going to the Capcom Pro Tour. Last year there was some ambiguity around what percent of the revenue went to the CPT so it’s a good gesture that they gave us a breakdown.

And finally we have the Thailand stage remake and school costumes for Ryu, Chun-Li, and Juri. However, the Thailand stage has been removed from the PSN and Steam stores since it was discovered that the music samples Islamic prayers. I’m not sure if this is a legal, religious, or overexaggerated offense issue, but the stage will be available soon with a different music track.

These costumes are all out now, and after publishing this I’m going to get that Juri costume because I have a problem.

Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite Info Dump

We’ve got a story trailer, gameplay footage, and a bunch of characters confirmed for MvC:I.



The newly confirmed characters are: Strider Hiryu, Sigma, Chun-Li, Sigma, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon, and Ultron.

I’m not big on the artstyle, and the story mode’s villain has an incredibly unintimidating voice. But MvC is always a fun time at EVO and It’ll be fun to see what other characters are in this crossover. The release date is set for September 19.

No Live Show from Nintendo at E3

Not much else to say. Nintendo won’t have a live presentation at E3, so this just means we’ll be getting a prerecorded Nintendo Direct.

Genyo Takeda Retires from Nintendo

After 45 years Genyo Takeda has retired from Nintendo. This man had been with the company almost twice as long as I’ve been on this planet. He was one of the people who was potentially going to replace Iwata. Takeda was mostly known for his contributions in the hardware department, but he also invented Punch Out!!. We wish him a happy retirement.

VA-11 HALL-A Update

VA-11 HALL-A is not available on the Vita.


What’s on the Plate

Hopefully I’m done with my first P5 playthrough by next week and can start NG+ and focus on Cosmic Star Heroine. Thank you for reading and as always, have a great week!

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