Bald-faced News 5/14/17: Leaky Boat

LEAKS EVERYWHERE. Ubisoft is a leaky boat on the Nile river, Swery65 has some success, and I beat Persona 5.

What was Played

I beat Persona 5 and I’ll have my full impressions in next week’s post. The general overview is: the best Persona bro (Ryuji), the best Persona mascot (Morgana), and best main battle theme.


AC Origins Leaks [Rumor]

From Reddit (of course) we have some leaked info on the next Assassin’s Creed game: Assassin’s Creed Origins. It seems Egypt is the setting with naval combat as a feature. As the name suggests, the plot will revolve around the formation of the original assassins’ guild. The Black Flag team is also rumored to be  heading up development.

This could be a breath of fresh air for the AC franchise, as Black Flag was. Syndicate was good, but still just a polishing of previous ideas. The inclusion of naval combat is fine, since that was the highpoint of 3 and 4, but the fact that it could be a key facet makes it seem like this game will be devoid of new ideas. AC Origins will probably be officially revealed before or at E3, and we’ll get more details at Ubisoft’s E3 conference.

Farcry (5?) Montana [Rumor]

All we officially know is that there was promotional material filmed in Montana for a Ubisoft video game and that Montana is the setting of that game. Farcry 5 seems like the obvious choice since we just got a Ghost Recon and unless AC Origins has its modern day segments set in Montana, Farcry is the most likely option. The era of the setting has been debated, from a wild west gunslinger setting to modern day vigilante/cop. The modern day setting with a cop protagonist is the most supported claim at this juncture, but all of this aside from the Montana geographical setting is still strictly rumor at this point. Seems like Ubi might have a fairly substantial E3 this year.

Ed Officially Revealed for Street Fighter V

The third season 2 character is here, and as we all knew, it’s Ed. His gimmick is that aside from his super, he has no motion or charge moves. He has one command normal, but the rest of his special moves are performed by pressing two attack buttons. This sounds like a smart, casual friendly move to me, since motions are the biggest block to fresh fighting game players. Personally, I was hoping he would keep his lithe, wiry form from the story mode, but between Ed and Alex’s “fireman” costume, at least Capcom isn’t just pandering to straight dudes with its costumes and character designs.

NieR: Automata Mod Helps Keep Piracy In Check

The Fix Automata’s Resolution (FAR) mod from Kaladaien not only fixes the PC port’s resolution issues, it also checks the game’s steam_api.dll file to ensure the game is legitimate. It does accomplish this by pinging an unknown server, but the mod is completely open source and there isn’t anything malicious in it.

I understand the arguments for piracy, and there are some situations where piracy is acceptable, the game isn’t available in your country, it’s a super old game that’s expensive now, etc., but for a game like Automata piracy is kind of inexcusable. Especially since the game is on Steam, so you know it’ll be on sale at some point. I understand the urge to be up to date with the games that everyone is talking about,  but pirating those games helps no one.

Mass Effect May Be On Hiatus

Reports are coming in saying that the bulk of the Mass Effect Andromeda team has been put on other projects. A small team is maintaining the multiplayer part of the game, but the majority of the Andromeda crew has been shifted onto EA’s Motive team, which is working on Battlefront II‘s campaign and an unannounced open world IP.

I believe we’ll still get one single player DLC pack for Andromeda, but this could be start of a long (eternal) hiatus for the Mass Effect series. EA has had a history of quietly shutting down IPs and they’re never heard from again. Hopefully we do hear back from this series in a better, less crappy form.

Net Neutrality Round 2

I know John Oliver isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but this is an extremely informative video on the new ways ISPs are trying to circumvent current net neutrality policies.

Basically, if net neutrality is repealed, ISPs can choose to speed up or slow down access to certain sites for any reason. For example, if Comcast wants more money but doesn’t want to up its customers’ prices, they can slow down Netflix for their customers and force Netflix to pay Comcast to restore the connection. Now this is a far bigger issue than just video games and online gaming, but it would severely affect those platforms. I try to avoid getting too political on this blog, but I can’t think of a good argument for repealing net neutrality that isn’t just corporate brown-nosing.

Deadly Premonition Board Game Funded on Kickstarter

The official Deadly Premonition board game has been funded on Kickstarter! It’s almost at twice its initial funding goal, too. It’s nice to see White Owls’s first venture be successful right off the back.

VA-11 HALL-A Update

VA-11 HALL-A still isn’t available on the Vita.


What’s on the Plate

I’m working on my NG+ in P5, and trying to find another game to fill the void left my it and Automata. I’m flitting between Horizon Zero DawnCosmic Star Heroine,  Front Mission 3, and Final Fantasy Tactics. Thanks for reading, and have a great week!

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