E3 2017 EA Press Conference: An In-depth Cinema Caliber Story

EA showed off a new co-op game, too much sports, and a tech showcase for the Scorpio.

EA started off with Madden, which I couldn’t care less about. But then they moved into Some very Fast and Furious looking Need for Speed gameplay and A Way Out.

The new Need for Speed Payback looks like they might have finally decided to actually go full F&F. There also seems to be heavy Burnout Paradise influence as well.

As a part of EA Originals, EA’s indie support program, they’ve partnered with Hazelight Games to put out A Way Out. A Way Out is the new game from the creators of Brothers A Tale of Two Sons. It is designed exclusively for local split screen co-op, but also supports online play.


Battlefront II has prequel maps and heroes, a story mode, and free DLC. It looks spectacular from a visual standpoint, but after the last Battlefront I’m waiting for more information and impressions before I get invested.

Bioware unveiled a new IP: Anthem. Only a teaser was shown at EA’s presser, with more details to be given at Microsoft’s conference. I’m concerned about the quality of this game given Bioware’s recent output, but hope springs eternal.


Overall EA’s conference was inoffensive. They focused way to mush on their sports games, and they should’ve shown more of Anthem than just a teaser. NFS Payback and A Way Out seem great, and Battlefront II could be cool. There’s been talk about EA showing off more games more in-depth at other conferences, so we may get more details on Battlefront II at Sony. Lastly EA, don’t keep trying this commentary over a multiplayer match as the end of your conference, and drop this whole “influencer” bit. It’s not a good look.


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