E3 2017: Mic4Kro4Ksof4Kt 4KConfr4Kence #VapeChamber

Microsoft detailed the Scorpio, showed a ton of games, and said “4K” a whole lot.

Microsoft led with the Xbox One X, the official name of the Scorpio. It’ll launch at $499 USD on November 7. It’s also smaller than the Xbox One S, and looks dang classy. Most of the conference was dominated by a focus on video game trailers designed to showcase the XBX’s graphical prowess.

Forza 7 and Metro Exodus were two of the first games shown to show off the XBX and they did look spectacular. Forza 7 looks like a great racing game and if you’re into the other Metro games, Exodus looks like it’ll be right up your alley. It has been confirmed to be open-world.

Assassin’s Creed Origins was officially revealed at this conference, which surprised me since I thought Ubisoft would’ve wanted that at their conference. It definitely has great visuals, but it just looks like an Assassin’s Creed game in every other way.


State of Decay 2 looks like a more fleshed out version of the first game with multiplayer, and that sounds cool.

Minecraft is getting a “Super Duper” graphics update with enhanced textures and 4K support along with cross-platform online play so white kids everywhere can do whatever people do in Minecraft nowadays.

Arc System Works’s fighter Dragonball FighterZ got its first official trailer here, and it looks spectacular.

Black Desert, winner of “Character Creator of the Year”, is also coming to consoles, first on XB1.

Microsoft also had a bunch of indie games shown, such as The Artful EscapeThe Darwin Project, and my personal standout: The Last Night.


Code Vein, the anime Dark Souls from the God Eater team, got a trailer, showing that Microsoft is still trying to court the Japanese market to some extent.

Sea of Thieves got almost 10 minutes of narrated gameplay and it looks like a pirate Destiny.


Cuphead got a release date of September 29th, 2017.

Terry Crews hyped up an underwhelming trailer for Crackdown 3, which is launching alongside the Xbox One X.

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds will be making its console debut on the XB1. IT isn’t known yet if this will be through the Xbox’s early access program, or the full version of the game.

Ashen showed its true colors and they’re still just varying shades of grey and brown.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel game to Life is Strange that focuses on Chloe’s life and her relationship with Rachel. It’ll be a 3 episode series.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War has enhanced the nemesis system to the point where it might be too much. Now the strongholds dotted around the landscape have their own nemesis trees. The orcs also talk a LOT more in this game.

Phil Spencer announced that there will be OG Xbox backwards compatibility coming this year. No word yet on how this will be implemented, but ideally it’ll work identically to Xbox 360 BC.

The final game shown at Microsoft’s event was Anthem, the Destiny-type game from Bioware.


This looks like it could be my Destiny, but the last two open-world games from Bioware were not great in the open-world department and Destiny also showed extremely well so I’d recommend caution in getting too excited for this. That said, it certainly served its purpose as a showcase of the Xbox One X’s processing power; the game looks amazing, but as a multi-platform title there really isn’t a strong case for this being the must-have game for the XBX.

Microsoft had an extremely good conference this year. They pitched a vision of Xbox as the home for games and they did that by showing 42 very different games on their stage. Microsoft stumbled at the start of this console cycle, but they’ve regained their balance. The only strong negative takeaway was the $499 price point of the Xbox One X, but they can, and probably will, cut that when they need to.

I’ll be back tonight with my take on Bethesda, and maybe Devolver.


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