E3 2017 Bethesda: Acid Land

VR, Wolfenstein, and…something; that’s what Bethesda’s got.

Both Doom and Fallout 4 are getting HTC Vive VR support. Doom is getting what appears to be an add-on or seperate game titled Doom VFR which has you controlling androids. Fallout 4 is just getting straight up VR support.

The Switch Skyrim port features combat motion controls and amiibo support for Link. Using the Link amiibo makes your character look like Link; changing your sword to the Master Sword and your shield to the Hylian shield.

The Evil Within 2 got a cinematic trailer that was well done, but no actual details.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is the game of the show so far, for me. It seems like Machine Games has either been given more leeway or has gained confidence after the success of The New Order and Doom and gone balls out with the sequel.


Bethesda really didn’t have much to show this year. The New Colossus looks fantastic, but beyond that nothing here felt “press conference worthy” in my book.


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