E3 2017 Ubisoft: Elijah Wood’s Rabbid Mind

Ubisoft led with Mario and Rabbids, set a release date for South Park TFBW, and announced Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle looks heavily XCOM influenced, and that’s great. The game looks like it’ll be a blast unless you’re not a huge Rabbid fan.

The Crew 2 features many other motorsports other than car racing. Planes and boats are also in and the crime story is out. Now you’re an up and coming motorsports racer.

AC Origins looked underwhelming at Xbox’s conference and comes up short compared to the rest of the games at Ubisoft’s.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is out on October 17. The game doesn’t show very well, but it could still end up being funny and fun.

South Park Phone Destroyer is also coming and is mobile card battling game.

Transference is a VR and traditional psychological thriller game featuring Elijah Wood in some capacity and looks completely insane. This game is developed in collaboration with Spectrevision, Elijah Wood’s production company.

For those who loved that AC boat combat, Ubisoft announced Skull and Bones, a game that’s just the boat combat in an online ocean. You can team up with up to 4 other players for 5v5 pirate play. They also teased a “reactive world” and then showed a trailer featuring a kraken.

Just Dance 2018 exists, and is coming to the original Wii.

Ubisoft has jumped into the toys-to-life genre with the space themed Switch game: Starlink Battle for Atlas. 

Steep: Road to the Olympic expansion is coming December 5th.

The Far Cry 5 gameplay was fun, but I was hoping they would lean more into the messed up setting but at the end of the day, this is a Far Cry game, and lighthearted destruction takes center stage.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 got its official 2017 reveal here with a cinematic trailer and no gameplay shown. The trailer had a very different from the first game which makes some sense since this is a prequel. There hasn’t been a gameplay reveal or breakdown yet, but we’ve been told that there is online co-op in a massive space-faring universe.


So far this conference has been the most fun, with Mario+Rabbids being the standout. I’m still reeling from the fact that Mario is going to be in an XCOM game. I’ll see you guys sometime after 6pm PST to recap Sony’s presser.



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