E3 2017 Sony: God of Bore

Sony’s conference was easily the most underwhelming of all the conferences so far. They showed very few new non-PSVR games, instead focusing more on add-ons and DLC for existing games.

They led with an extended trailer for Uncharted: The Lost Legacy followed closely by a Days Gone gameplay trailer. Days Gone looks like The Last of Us with Horizon‘s bush sneaking and I don’t really care for the Uncharted series.

One of the new games Sony showed was Monster Hunter World, a console MH game. I’ve tried to get into hunting games before but they’ve never grabbed me, so maybe this will be my last earnest attempt to get into that genre.

Sony revealed a Shadow of the Colossus remaster, featuring overhauled visuals. While this is a nice surprise and I’ll probably get it, it really isn’t a huge announcement.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite showed its story mode and confirmed a huge number of characters: Dr. Strange, Gamora, Nova, Thanos, Black Panther, Dante, Arthur, Grandmaster Meio, Spencer, and Zero. No word on who from that list is playable except for Black Panther, who will be DLC. That aside, the game looks rough, especially next to the spectacular DBZ game. The game will release on September 19, 2017 and there is a story demo out right now.

Following the Fallout 4 VR announcement, Skyrim will be playable in PSVR. No word yet if this will come to the Vive.

Here’s all the other PSVR games Sony revealed.

Starchild, a platformer.

Final Fantasy XV: Monster of the Deep, a fishing experience.

The Inpatient, a horror game set in a hospital and Bravo Team, a generic looking military shooter, both from Supermassive, the creators of Until Dawn.

The last PSVR game was Moss, a Redwall looking game where you control or assist a sword wielding mouse on an adventure of some kind.

We also got a trailer for Call of Duty WWII that showed off the graphics and not much else.

God of War got another trailer that showed us a bit more gameplay without much of an explanation as to how the game flows.

Then we got a trailer for Quantic Dream’s Detroit, which has a familiar sci-fi premise that is a favorite trope of mine: androids becoming sapient. But given David Cage’s previous work, Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain, and Beyond: Two Souls, I’m expecting this story to fumble all of its potential.

Destiny 2 got a trailer where a villain who wants the Traveller’s Light showed up and implied that he used to work for the Traveller. Destiny 2 will also have PlayStation exclusive content like a strike mission, a PvP arena, and other stuff I didn’t really care about since I’m not that interested in Destiny 2.

Spider-Man got its gameplay reveal as the end of Sony’s conference. It looks really fun, if a bit QTE heavy. The non-QTE stuff looks fun, basically the Batman Arkham games but brighter and lighthearted. Spidey sense seems to be a slow-mo function, and swinging around New York looks as enticing as ever.


This was the most disappointing conference of E3 for me. I wasn’t expecting a ton of megatons, but I was hoping for more new games, even small indies would’ve sufficed. Instead we got a bunch of heavily edited, cinematic trailers even when the footage was all gameplay. Sony really had to make a strong case for their games given the effort put in by Xbox and they failed to impress the general audience. I’m sure The Lost Legacy, the Shadow of the Colossus remaster, God of War, and other games shown will be great, but just being shown trailers for things we’ve seen before isn’t what you bring to E3. Maybe they’re saving stuff for Gamescom and PSX, we can only hope.


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