Bald-faced News 6/25/17: Going Back To An Empty Well

IT’S TOO HOT AND I HAVE A HEADACHE. I’m still recovering from the huge flood of E3 news and updates. There hasn’t been a lot of news since E3, but we’ll find some scrapings, I’m sure. Or we’ll just keep it short because IT’S SO HOT.

What was Played

Since most of my week was preoccupied with traveling when I wasn’t at my internship, I spent most of my time flitting between old, familiar games and games that’ve been out for a while that I didn’t get around to playing. The Metroid Prime 4 announcement had me scrambling to plug my WiiU back in to play the trilogy collection, but I decided after an hour that I wanted to back to the GameCube versions for 1 and 2. So while those are on their way from ebay I decided to give Axiom Verge a chance to scratch my MetroidVania itch, and I have to say that it is scratching that itch very well. Of course I’m only half an hour or so into it, but if you’re a Metroid fan and want to play something to hold your over until the new official games and this somehow passed you by, I’d strongly recommend picking it up.

I also tried out the Vita version of the PS1 platformer Klonoa: The Door to Phantomville. It’s a cute and fun platformer with a unique way of dealing with enemies. Your “attack” is more of a short range grapple that grabs an enemy and you can launch them at other enemies or use them to give yourself a double jump. Again, I haven’t spent a lot of time with this game, but if you’re into cute, chill, platformers, give this a look.


Metroid Prime 4 and “A New Pokemon Game” Are Coming In 2018

Nintendo has gone on the record as saying that the recently announced Metroid Prime 4 and a supposed core Pokemon game are coming to the Switch in 2018. Hopefully this means that Prime 4 has been in development for a year or two prior to its reveal at E3, otherwise that’s one rushed game.

This Pokemon game is hopefully a large RPG for the Switch, especially since people were burned by the recent Ultra Sun/Moon being for the New 3DS instead of Switch ports. Of course since this is a Nintendo release date window, we should be expecting these games in December 2018, if not February 2019.

That New Shadow of the Colossus Game is a “Remake”

Shuhei Yoshida said in a recent interview with Famitsu and translated by Siliconera that the recently revealed rerelease of Shadow of the Colossus is not a remaster, but a remake. According to him all the assets are being remade, but the game content is untouched. He also mentioned a newer, “modern”, control scheme being implemented alongside the original controls. All of this sounds great, SotC is a fantastic game, but its controls do leave something to be desired.

VA-11 HALL-A Update

E3 2017 has come and gone and still no update on the Vita port of VA-11 HALL-A, but it will be getting a physical release via Limited Run Games, so that’s cool.


What’s on the Plate?

So now that I’m done with going to college classes and just need to focus on my Tuesday-Thursday internship, hopefully I’ll have more time to dedicate to this whole “blogging” thing all the kids are into. I’ve got tons of things I want to do, but I don’t want to commit to anything because I want to keep this fluid and fun for me and you. I’m looking forward to playing through the Metroid Prime trilogy to the umpteenth time with Axiom Verge on the backburner. Have a great week, and as always, thanks for listening.

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