Bald-faced News 7/30/17: Zero Post Mode

I’m back! Unfortunately, the second part of this post is locked behind an amiibo. We’ve got baffling Metroid business decisionsa new Persona cow to milk, and risky rain.

What Was Played

A lot of Risk of Rain and Bloodborne. I’ve never been able to get into roguelikes, I gave Rogue Legacy and fair shot and it never clicked. Spelunky was fun, but felt over-hyped. Risk of Rain is a 2D sidescrolling shooter, with various level layouts and random items to buff your character.


Risk of Rain‘s main gimmicks are characters that have vastly different playstyles, and a timer that increases the difficulty as the game time goes on. The difficulty you choose at the start of each run primarily affects enemy strength, and the speed that the in-game difficulty increases at. Characters are unlocked via completing in-game achievements, and at the risk of sounding like the amatuer games writer I am, each character almost makes for a completely different game. Your playstyle will also differ depending on if you’re playing co-op or not. The sniper character is almost impossible to go solo with, but is a tremendous asset when paired with the loader or enforcer characters.


I’ve played mostly solo, but I was able to convince a buddy to get it since it’s only $9.99 USD. Another small feature that’s greatly appreciated, the game syncs data between the PS4 and Vita versions without needing to deal with cross-saves. Pro tip, don’t play the higher difficulties solo, it’s just an exercise in frustration.

After revisiting Bloodborne, I maintain that it is a fantastic game and probably one of the best games to come out of this console generation. If you own a PS4 you owe it to yourself to give it a go.


Metroid: Samus Returns “Fusion Mode” Locked Behind amiibo

After wild and crazy speculation that Nintendo would’ve fumbled the handling of a Metroid game AND physical merchandise, we have confirmation that they did just that. The “Fusion Mode” in the upcoming 3DS game Metroid: Samus Returns will be locked behind an amiibo. Fusion Mode is essentially the hard mode for the game, and allows you to play in the suit from Metroid Fusion.

Locking hard mode behind physical DLC might be a tad more forgivable if amiibo weren’t impossible to find a week after their release. But as this stands, this is a baffling decision that doesn’t benefit the fans at all. At least we have this incredible art to ease the pain of being denied an entire mode.


Persona 5 Anime Announced, Q 2 Might Be A Thing…

Hot of the heels of milking the life out of Persona 4, Atlus has announced an official Persona 5 anime for 2018.


The domains and The originals were both “””””quality””””” titles in the mire of Persona spin-offs. Just kidding they were lackluster games and turned the multifaceted characters into cartoon caricatures. I’m all for Atlus making money off of their fantastic games, but the spin-offs (fighting games aside) have all been underwhelming to say the least. At least we’ll get another great soundtrack if the dancing game is real.

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Rumored

From German website Coolshop, we have hints at a Street Fighter Anniversary Collection for PS4 and XB1. Initially this was thought to be a reissue of the old PS2 and OG Xbox that had Third Strike and Hyper SFII, but word on the street is that it’s more.

Personally, I’m hoping for at least Third StrikeAlpha 3 Max, some version of SFII, and maybe Ultra SFIV, even though they’ve already put SFIV on current consoles. If I can get Third Strike and Alpha 3 on my PS4, I’ll pay $30 or so.

VA-11 HALL-A Update

Another week, another lack of the VA-11 HALL-A Vita port.


What’s On The Plate

I’m going to keeping unlocking characters in Risk of Rain, and plowing through Bloodborne. If  I find the time, I may get an extra post out this week. Sorry for not posting last week, work was murder and there wasn’t a whole lot I wanted to talk about. As always, thanks for reading, and hit up my Twitter to tell me why Persona Q is the best Persona game.


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