Bald-faced News: 8/13/17 Here’s A Distraction

Turns out Nioh is great, Splatoon gets an anime, and a bunch of Persona spin-offs are coming.

But, first, I want to not talk about video games for a second. I avoid getting too political both online and in person, since most people are so ingrained in their beliefs and often these beliefs can’t be changed since they are based on personal value systems instead of pure facts. But this Charlottesville situation is the definition of a disgusting mess. Literal Nazis and racists were marching, armed, in open daylight, beating black men, and driving vehicles into those who disagree with them without any whiff of condemnation from our President. Go do some research on this protest, and notice how the police response differs from certain other protests. I’m not going to provide links, I believe you should be capable of finding multiple sources and discovering what has happened. Now, back to the fun stuff.

What Was Played

I finally got Nioh, the forgotten part of early 2017’s Japanese GOTY nominee landslide.


I’m only past the first real boss (the one on the boat), but it’s fantastic so far. Whereas the Soulsborne games go for simple combat and invest heavily in level design, lore sprinkling, and atmosphere and architecture, Nioh goes all in on the combat. There’s several types of weapons, you have 3 stances for each weapon, you have a kind of active reload mechanic for your stamina, you can meld weapons together, there’s Ninja and Magic systems, and equipment is semi-random drops with a color coded rarity system. While I’m not sure if the combat will be enough to propel me all the way through to the end, I can definitely see why people were saying this is potential GOTY contender.


Splatoon Web Anime

CoroCoro will be producing a web published anime of Splatoon based off of their manga. episodes are published on their YouTube, the first episode was supposed to go live on August 12, but I can’t find it on their channel. While Splatoon definitely deserves an anime, I’m not counting on this show being good.

Persona Spin-offs Galore

Remember all of those web domains that Atlus registered a while ago? Well, now we get Persona Q2,

Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night 

and Persona 5 Dancing Star Night

I’ll get the soundtracks for these games, maybe see if Q2 is substantially better than its predecessor, but the original Q and Dancing All Night were some of the most disappointing games in recent memory. The writing in the Persona spin-offs is definitely light and breezy with plenty of shenanigans, but they all compress the multi-faceted characters in two dimensional caricatures of themselves. These soundtrack will be incredible, though.

Automata Helped Keep Platinum Afloat

Renowned tweeter, Hideki Kamiya, recently mentioned that Automata gained Platinum a new fanbase, and “to say that Yoko-san saved Platinum would not be an exaggeration. I cannot thank him enough.”

Apparently the cancellation of Scalebound hurt Platinum more than initially thought, and Automata has sold incredibly well. Big ups to Platinum and Yoko Taro for making an incredible game, and hopefully Square Enix will do more collabs with Platinum in the future.

VA-11 HALL-A Update

Nothing new to report on the VA-11 HALL-A Vita port.


What’s On The Plate

I’m going to keep on with Nioh, and The Surge is coming to me soon. I’ve been on a bit of a Soulsborne kick recently. I’m also going to try and play through Metroid Prime 3 soon. In case you haven’t noticed, I’ve kind of transitioned to a different update schedule. I’m aiming for every other week, so I don;t have to scrape for stories that I care about. I do reserve the right to update more than that, but my minimum is now one news post every other week.

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