Bald-faced News 8/29/17: Settling In

New SFV character, new Yakuza stuff, new analysis of old UI, we’ve got a lot of news this week! I was busy moving this week and didn’t get to play many games or watch anything really interesting this week. As I type this I’m waiting for my copy of Yakuza Kiwami to get here. News Street […]

Bald-faced News 8/21/17: The Good Post

Okay, we’ve got a ton of news I want to talk about so just know I’ve been playing The Surge and Nioh and playing two Soulsborne games at the same time is not an optimal experience even if both games are great. Nioh is probably better than The Surge overall, but I love the Surge‘s visual aesthetic. On to […]

Bald-faced News 7/30/17: Zero Post Mode

I’m back! Unfortunately, the second part of this post is locked behind an amiibo. We’ve got baffling Metroid business decisions, a new Persona cow to milk, and risky rain. What Was Played A lot of Risk of Rain and Bloodborne. I’ve never been able to get into roguelikes, I gave Rogue Legacy and fair shot and it never clicked. Spelunky was […]

Bald-faced News 7/16/17: Everything X Everything

We’ve got anime fighters and anime Toy Story. What Was Played After a friend of mine got Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengence I decided to jump into the Disgaea series. I’m going to wait on D5 until I have a Switch, so I just got the PSP version of the first game on my Vita. And I’m really […]