Bald-faced News 7/16/17: Everything X Everything

We’ve got anime fighters and anime Toy Story. What Was Played After a friend of mine got Disgaea 5 Alliance of Vengence I decided to jump into the Disgaea series. I’m going to wait on D5 until I have a Switch, so I just got the PSP version of the first game on my Vita. And I’m really […]

E3 2017 Sony: God of Bore

Sony’s conference was easily the most underwhelming of all the conferences so far. They showed very few new non-PSVR games, instead focusing more on add-ons and DLC for existing games.

E3 2017 Bethesda: Acid Land

VR, Wolfenstein, and…something; that’s what Bethesda’s got. Both Doom and Fallout 4 are getting HTC Vive VR support. Doom is getting what appears to be an add-on or seperate game titled Doom VFR which has you controlling androids. Fallout 4 is just getting straight up VR support. The Switch Skyrim port features combat motion controls and amiibo support for Link. Using […]