Far Cry 5 Review: Hollow Fight

Far Cry 3 was blast of fresh air to the FPS genre. There had been non-linear first-person shooters before, but Far Cry 3 delivered on the stealth-action gameplay that had been popularized by Arkham Asylum with solid shooting and an intense story. Far Cry 4 built on this foundation and while it was definitely a […]

Anime is Creepy. Sometimes.

Watchable anime is hard to find. Good anime is even harder to find. Trying to find a show that I can recommend to friends without a “just excuse the topless underage girl obscured by convenient mist” caveat is almost impossible. I just got finished catching up with My Hero Academia. It’s an enjoyable show for […]

Bald-faced Game Awards 2017

THE FOLLOWING POST CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS FOR CERTAIN GAMES. The “Best Story” is the biggest offender, but I have tried to make it clear what games are being talked about so skipping any section should be fairly easy if you wish to stay unspoiled. What better way to send off a fantastic year for gaming […]

Bald-faced News 10/25/17: Gaf Dun Goofed

After a long break, we return to discuss recent gaming news. Don’t worry, it’s all great… NeoGAF Reformation/Destruction For those who may not know, NeoGAF is/was an internet forum based around gaming discussion. It has a reputation for being a more exclusive community, since you need a paid email account to register, and as a […]

Some Great Traversal Systems In Games

I’ve recently discovered that movement is a very important part of how I enjoy an action game. Fun movement abilities can make or break a game for me, be it the high flying powers of inFamous or the choppy wall-running in Darksiders 2. As interactive media, games invite you to explore their worlds, sometimes through meticulously designed […]