Bald-faced News 10/25/17: Gaf Dun Goofed

After a long break, we return to discuss recent gaming news. Don’t worry, it’s all great… NeoGAF Reformation/Destruction For those who may not know, NeoGAF is/was an internet forum based around gaming discussion. It has a reputation for being a more exclusive community, since you need a paid email account to register, and as a […]

Some Great Traversal Systems In Games

I’ve recently discovered that movement is a very important part of how I enjoy an action game. Fun movement abilities can make or break a game for me, be it the high flying powers of inFamous or the choppy wall-running in Darksiders 2. As interactive media, games invite you to explore their worlds, sometimes through meticulously designed […]

Bald-faced News 8/29/17: Settling In

New SFV character, new Yakuza stuff, new analysis of old UI, we’ve got a lot of news this week! I was busy moving this week and didn’t get to play many games or watch anything really interesting this week. As I type this I’m waiting for my copy of Yakuza Kiwami to get here. News Street […]

Bald-faced News 8/21/17: The Good Post

Okay, we’ve got a ton of news I want to talk about so just know I’ve been playing The Surge and Nioh and playing two Soulsborne games at the same time is not an optimal experience even if both games are great. Nioh is probably better than The Surge overall, but I love the Surge‘s visual aesthetic. On to […]